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Purchase a home under construction

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Spec homes can still be made custom. Don't miss your opportunity to customize a newly constructed home by purchasing before construction begins.

Customizing a home made easy

As long as your home is purchased before a feature is installed (ie hardwood, appliances, shingles, etc.) it can be selected by you. When purchasing a spec home you can skip the permitting process because we've already handled it.


What is a Spec Home?
First let’s talk about what exactly a spec home is because it’s important to note that spec homes can have different names, depending on where you are in North America – you may hear it referred to as a move-in ready home, featured home, inventory home, or immediate delivery home, but basically these all mean the same thing. A spec home is a house that has been designed and constructed by a builder without a specific buyer in mind. Basically the builder has taken the chance that he will be able to sell the home once complete, or near completion. Obviously the builder is taking a little bit of a gamble here, hoping that a buyer will come along before too long, and because of this he wants the home to appeal to as wide a market as possible. The architecture, therefore, will be based on a standard plan, probably using a design that’s popular for the neighborhood they’re building in. Usually the fittings will be what’s called ‘contractor or builder grade’, though some builders may offer the chance to upgrade for an extra cost.
The Advantages of Buying a Spec Home
Really there are three big advantages to buying one of these homes: the fact that you can move in very quickly, the fact that it’s completely new, and the fact that you can see exactly what you’re buying.
Move In Ready
A spec home is usually offered for sale very close to, or at its completion, and considering the builder is likely to want a quick sale you can often move in very quickly. The only thing delaying the process is likely to be your lawyer, making sure everything is in order, but if they can get through the legal process quick enough, you could be moved into your new home within a couple of weeks! This makes a spec home a great choice for a buyer who wants to move quickly; whether it’s your first home, or you want to be moved out of a rental home before the end of the month.
It’s Completely New
The fact that a spec home is completely new is appealing too, and though this isn’t always the case, some builders may allow you to choose your own paint colors and finishes, or negotiate some upgrades, if you approach them early enough. This way you to get to make some of the decisions and end up with a home that you’ve had at least some say in the look of!
You Get to See the Home Before You Buy
When you’re paying for a custom built home, it’s going to be some time before you really start to see it take shape, and during that time there are bound to worries over the quality of the craftsmanship. With a spec home you get to see it before you buy and you have the opportunity to inspect every corner of the home to make sure you’re happy with the finishes.

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